lending a hand

Meet B.B.! His owner contacted us because B.B.’s rear legs suddenly started collapsing underneath him when he tried to walk. He feared B.B. had been poisoned; thankfully, that wasn’t the case. B.B. was diagnosed with Acute Canine Idiopathic Polyradiculoneuritis (ACIP), a neurological disease that compromises spinal cord nerves and leads to paralysis. ACIP requires a long stretch of supportive care for best recovery, and B.B. received it. Prior to his diagnosis, B.B. lived in a dog run outside his owner’s home. EOPS explained the situation, and his owner realized the best choice for B.B. was an indoor environment.  He allowed B.B. to be fostered and later adopted by a family. Today, B.B. only wobbles a little when he walks and moves like he’s Fred Astaire when it’s time for treats! 


B.B. is a senior, was recently prescribed a special diet by his vet to help him stay continent. EOPS is covering the cost and would deeply appreciate contributions. 

• 1-week: $15.00
• 2-week : $30.00
• 3-week : $45.00
• 4-week : $60.00

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