what do i do if my dog is sick and i can't afford to go to the vet?

Please call the East Bay SPCA at 510 569-0702. Their clinic is located on 8323 Baldwin Street, Oakland, CA 94621. 


are you a rescue/shelter?

We are not a shelter, and we do not accept surrendered animals. However, we would be happy to put you in touch with rescues/shelters in the area that can receive the dog or cat that is currently in your care. 


When can i get my dog in for…?

Check out our Events page to see all of our upcoming events, including SPCA spay/neuter days and VIP Clinic vaccine days. Contact us to share your pet's needs. 


where can i get food for my dog?

Call or email us to find out if we have donations available for pick up or delivery!



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