success stories



Sandy is an 8-year-old sweetie who first came to our attention when her owner reported she had little appetite and was itchy. Sandy received treatment for her skin infection, which was caused by yeast. Labor Day weekend was rough for Sandy, as she grew feverish, once again was not eating, and had bloody discharge coming from her nether regions. Sandy went to the ER, and it turned out that visit was lifesaving. Sandy had a terrible infection in her uterus and required emergency spay surgery.


bubba and buster


Bubba and Buster are two wiggling bundles of love, even to the vet! These chihuahua dachshund brothers were part of a litter of five. Their Mom has since gotten spayed with EOPS' assistance, and the brothers are neutered and have their vaccines up to date :)

wog wog


Meet Wog Wog! Woggie’s owner initially contacted us for help finding a home for her puppies, which we did, and as we gained his trust he agreed to have her spayed. She came through her surgery with flying colors! 


baby girl & tracy


Mother and daughter pitties much loved by their owner, who brought them to get vaccines and also received ongoing food donations through EOPS.

ace of hearts


Ace of Hearts was loaded into our vehicle on a piece of cardboard provided by his former owner because he was too weak to stand. Despite significant blood loss and shock, Ace was stabilized and healed from the wounds another dog on the premises inflicted. Adopted!


"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." 

Mahatma Gandhi